Domaine des Corbillieres Mixed Case

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Barbou mixed case image.jpg

Domaine des Corbillieres Mixed Case

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Mixed case containing an equal number of each (either 3 bottles of each or 6 bottles of each):

Touraine Oisly 'Fabel Barbou', Domaine des Corbillieres 2014
Once upon a time, you could show off your wine buff credentials in a restaurant by letting your finger slide down the wine list until it landed on a Menetou-Salon. An approving nod from the sommelier would be accompanied by gasps of admiration from your fellow diners. It was, in those days, the aficionado's choice in favour of Sancerre. Word soon spread, however, so it then fell upon the next village, Quincy, to become the smart alec’s alternative to Menetou-Salon, until that too became too well-known and Reuilly took up the mantle and so on. It's like the gentrification of East London. No sooner had Shoreditch become fashionable than it became old hat and it fell upon Dalston, then Haggerston and so on as the bearded ones moved ever further east. It's only a matter of time before hipsters will be drinking craft beers in the North Sea. Anyway, back to this wine, which comes from Oisly in Touraine and is a fabulous alternative to Chateaumeillant. Surely you have heard of Chateaumeillant? It's the next village after Reuilly for goodness sake, do keep up! The aromas spring out of the traps and fill your senses with gooseberry, grapefruit, elderflower and an impression of gunsmoke, like a dewy field at dawn just after a duel. The palate has a flinty backing to it, with concentrated lime and melon fringed with nettles and cut grass. It’s wonderfully revitalising and more-ish, so beware! 13.5% alc. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Natural ferment. Organic grapes. Unoaked. Drink now-2018 ('Fabel Barbou' is the name of Veronique and Dominique Barbou's great grandfather, who purchased the domaine in 1923).

Touraine 'Justine Barbou', Domaine des Corbillieres 2013
Barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc is one of our favourite white wine styles, so when we spent a day trying to pick a favourite from among our favourites, it was hardly a hardship. It was a chore equal to a day spent choosing your favourite supermodel. This one has everything we love about the style. It's an electric wine, shivering with internal energy, the consequence of low-yielding 55 year-old vines, which bring the fruit intensity, and the high quartz content in the soil, which gives the wine its crystal pulse. The 11 months spent in barrel adds delectable cedar and sandalwood notes to the vibrant grapefruit and lime flavours on the palate which shimmer on the palate like reflected sunlight. Drink this instead of serious white Bordeaux, because it lacks nothing by comparison, and is an equally versatile food wine. 13% alc. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Organic grapes. Natural ferment. 11 months in French oak. Drink now-2020.


"The Barbou family are responsible for Sauvignon with virtually the finest price:quality rapport on the planet.." - The Wine Advocate

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