Alpha Box & Dice 'F is for Fog' Nebbiolo, Adelaide Hills, Australia 2014

Alpha Box Dice and Dice 'F is for Fog'.jpg
Alpha Box Dice and Dice 'F is for Fog'.jpg

Alpha Box & Dice 'F is for Fog' Nebbiolo, Adelaide Hills, Australia 2014

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Nebbiolo, the Barolo grape, takes its name from the Italian for fog (nebbia), which sheds a little light on the name of this wine. It's a fantastic exploration of one of Italy's most noble grape varieties given a spin in the Southern Hemisphere by a really talented bunch of guys who care more about the content than the style and the style is superb!

Gorgeous! It has that wonderful Barolo colour, pale, as it should be, with a hint of brick, almost a tinge of orange, but that translucency belies the rich and opulent aromas that emerge unbidden from the glass (make sure you use a wide-bowled glass to allow it to shine), woody and floral too, with jewel bright fruit that amplifies in the mouth. The tannins are ripe and sweet and not as drying as they can be in Barolo, giving an impression of wood saturated in red cherry juice. They build in the mouth, creating the architecture of the wine, accompanied by impressions of sweet plum, dried orange peel, cedar and dark chocolate nibs. Unless you are a masochist and enjoy Nebbiolo’s dark side, this has to be the wine you would choose instead. It would work wonderfully with all kinds of dishes from mushroom risotto to truffle pasta or roast venison. A really exciting wine and deceptively serious wine. If you aren’t impressed, we will take it back, no questions asked. Estate-grown vines. 18 months in oak. 14% alc. Drink now-2024.

Press reviews:

Jancis (Tamlyn Currin): "So perfumed! I stood at the crowded tasting table with my eyes closed, breathing this in deeply. Giddy, heady perfume with an undertow of rooibos tea. On the palate, an exploding pinwheel of flavour: orange peel, cherries, dried apricots, coconut, cumin, sweet cigar, allspice. So much there, a wine that keeps unfolding and opening and spinning, a wine that deserves quiet attention and time in the glass. Complex and deep, long and exciting. Drink 2017-2023." 16.5 points & 'Very Good Value'

The Wine Detective: "A brooding, savoury, long and interesting Nebbiolo, with dark berry fruit, orange peel spice and a fine mist of sustaining tannins which builds on the finish, but doesn’t cloak the wine."

Customer Comments:

"I absolutely love the Fog Nebbiolo. It's what i always want Barolo to taste like but rarely does" - Mr. B.F.

The Alpha Box & Dice Fog Nebbiolo is simply stunning." - Ms. E.H.

We are almost through our first bottle and are delighted. Very finely balanced and stands up  well against a 2011 Barolo we tried last week. It was part of a parcel bought for us by our children some years ago and just researching the bottle  it now retails around the £50 mark. So thanks for another great pick.” - Mr. M. T.

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