Amares Syrah, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2010

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Amares Syrah 2009.jpg

Amares Syrah, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2010


Splendidly lush and texturally profound, this is a velvety, sun-kissed Syrah, which moves with effortless grace. Nothing tastes ‘forced’ and there’s not a trace of the over-spiced oak or heavy extraction that dogs many a South African Syrah, which can stomp about on your palate leaving dirty footprints. This is more of a flaneur, a wistful wanderer, unrushed, happy to linger. There is a lot to love here, mainly the luscious ripe fruit, but there’s more to it than simple upfront charm, as it also hints at bitter-orange, white pepper, juniper and dark cocoa. The judicious use of French oak creates gamy, smoky hints that add a welcome savoury edge too. This would be fantastic with venison, bratwurst, roast fore rib of beef or Peking duck. A glorious mouthful of wine. 15% alc. Drink now-2018.

Customer comments:

"Stunning Syrah, thank you!" - Mr. M.W

"The Cabernet is very good, but the Syrah is out of this world!" - Mr R.L.

"Syrah has gone down a treat - really enjoyed it tonight." - Mr J.B. 

 "Had some of the Amares Syrah over the weekend and was very impressed." - Mr D.K.

"Delicious!" - Mr G.S.

"Really love the Syrah." - Mr S.P.

Note: as it is unfiltered it throws a lot of sediment, so please decant or pour the last drops carefully!

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"Syrah has gone down a treat - really enjoyed it tonight." - Jeremy B.