Monferrato Rosso, Marchesi di Gresy, Piedmont, Italy 2011

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Monferrato Rosso, Marchesi di Gresy, Piedmont, Italy 2011

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First impressions count and the classic, elegant label on this Piedmont red instils a sense of confidence, but it’s not just a façade, the interior decoration is even more beautiful. The wine sparkles with layers of sweetly-perfumed fruit (fleshy plums, creamy cherries, damsons) intermingled with scented wood, spice, blackcurrant leaf and notes of forest floor and wood polish. It’s an expressive and seductive wine that lights up your palate and it’s at a glorious stage of its life, possessing the magic of both maturity and youth. The palate is rich and textured with generous fruit and supported by an architecture of finely-woven, velvety tannins. High-toned, complex and distinctly Italian, this red has tons of class and luxury about it. A gorgeous drop! 13.5%. Drink now-2026.

Customer comments:

"It's a HIT!" - Mr C.F.

This was delicious!" - Mr. J.P.

In 2013, Marchesi di Gresy’s new winemaker was familiarising himself with the new cellar and found a few large casks full of red wine that hadn’t been bottled yet. Asking his predecessor what they were, he learned that they contained Merlot from the 2009, 2010 and 2011 vintages, which they couldn’t sell, because the film ‘Sideways’ had done a hatchet job on the grape variety and demand had evaporated for anything that mentioned the dirty word on the label (the wine was due to be called ‘Solomerlot’). On tasting the contents of the barrel (the wine having by now spent a luxurious 3 years mellowing in oak), he was sideswiped by the quality and suggested that it could be labelled under the Monferrato Rosso appellation, which permits the use of Merlot without allowing it to be mentioned on the bottle, and the wine finally left the cellar, making its way onto the shelves of canny wine merchants, albeit in disguise, like the women dressed as men in Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ (“there aren’t any Merlots here are there?”).

Marchesi di Gresy is one of the most respected estates in Piedmont. We’ve been fans of their Babarescos for many years, but you need deep pockets, so this Monferrato Rosso was a seriously exciting new discovery for us and we think it’s remarkably undervalued, because it’s serious! Like another of Italy’s most lauded wines, Masseto, it is made entirely from Merlot, grown in Marchesi di Gresy’s ‘Monte Aribaldo’ vineyard. It would make more economic sense to grub it up and plant Nebbiolo, but the owner is adamant that the quality of the Merlot here is of the very highest calibre. According to the winery, it has only recently been released to the UK market, because it was purposefully being matured at Marchesi di Gresy’s cellars until ready to drink (ahem!). It was matured for 12 months in old French oak barriques followed by 24 months in Slavonian oak casks before being cellared and allowed to ‘rest’ (ahem! ahem!).

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