Alpha Box & Dice 'Kit & Kaboodle', South Australia NV

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Alpha Box & Dice 'Kit & Kaboodle', South Australia NV

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"It's scary how good this is!" says Justin Fairweather of Alpha Box & Dice and we couldn't agree more. It's a multi-vintage blend of, wait for it, Aglianico, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mataro from McLaren Vale and Nebbiolo from the Adelaide Hills. Unlikely bedfellows, perhaps, but the creative juices at Alpha Box & Dice must have been flowing when they put this together, because it's a masterpiece of blending and the result is truly sensational. Each variety was vinified separately, with some of the wine spending over 4 years in oak, while others coming from the young and precocious 2017 vintage, adding brightness to the more mature elements. 

If you thought we wrote untenable mixed metaphors, wait until you read this from Alpha Box & Dice: "A delightful cacophony of flavours. Think of it as the European Union blended into a bottle. Like the European Union, there’s a lot going on here, with no two player drumming to the same beat. Old and new clash, ideologies merge and somewhere, somehow, there is a sense of order and consistency. There’s balance and order, yet no one can really explain how it came to be." Order, balance and consistency in the Europe Union? Let's move on.

As soon as we breathed in the aromas of this wine, we knew we were onto something serious. There were goosebumps on our goosebumps. Rarely does a great nose precede a bad palate and this was no exception. Rich ripe Australian fruit, sunny in its disposition, vies with a dry, European savour, no doubt from the prolonged oak ageing, but there's a wonderful sense of control and harmony in spite of the convoluted recipe. The grainy tannins are wrapped in sweet fruit and the way the wine unfolds over time in the glass promises a very bright future. Drink now-2024.

Press review:

Jancis Robinson (Tamlyn Currin):
"Crazy blend from crazy people? Smells way too perfumed to taste good. As in, dab this on the back of the neck of a cute guy… Tastes way too good to dab on the neck of anyone, even a cute guy. No idea where or how you would place this. It drop-kicks terroir. But the fruit is bright, edgy, a little wild, impertinently confident. This is university students taking placards against the establishment. It's naïve and unacceptable. Half of you wants to smartly rap its upstart heritage-less knuckles. And the other half wants to applaud its brazenness for arriving in torn jeans and a t-shirt saying ‘I Love Nebbiolo’ and the audacity to believe the world can change." 16.5 points

Customer comments:

"That is DELICIOUS!" - Mr. M.P.


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