Peter Lehmann ‘The Barossan’ Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia 2015

Peter Lehmann ‘The Barossan’ Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia 2015.jpg
Peter Lehmann ‘The Barossan’ Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia 2015.jpg

Peter Lehmann ‘The Barossan’ Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia 2015


Don't be alarmed if you notice small bruises appearing on your skin after you have tasted this wine, it's perfectly normal, and is just the symptom of you pinching yourself after you've seen the price tag, because it really is an astonishing bargain.

The name pays tribute to the late Peter Lehmann, one of the great pioneers of the Barossa Valley, who, back in the 1970s, persuaded local growers to sell him their grapes at a time when there was a surplus and supply greatly outstripped demand. "I'll take your fruit and turn it into wine," he told the them, "but I'll only be able to pay you when I sell the wine." They gratefully accepted and it is widely believed that, without this deal, the Barossa Valley would have lost a huge amount of its amazing old vine material.

The grapes for this Shiraz come from some of the longest-standing grower families in the Barossa. Third, fourth and fifth generation growers from across the region, who have offered some of their best old-vine fruit in honour of the great man, the eponymous 'Barossan'.

The only reason we can see why it is so inexpensive is because it doesn't come from 'estate-grown' fruit, which, for reasons unclear to us, commands a higher market price, but when you have worked with local growers for nearly 40 years, the trust that develops is just as valuable, if not more so, than the deeds to the land.

It's deep and ripe and luscious, with wonderful concentration that shows immediately in the inky crimson colour that it pours, but it's not pulled down by its own weight, it has floral notes that decorate the aromas and a glossy sheen to the acidity that illuminates the wine from within. All the usual flavour suspects make their appearances on the palate, with a central cast of glossy blackcurrants, dark chocolate and baking spices taking centre stage. Where it differentiates itself from other Barossa Shiraz at this price is the way it eschews obvious flavours from cheap tricks in the winery and focuses on the magnificent quality of the fruit and that's really what this wine lark is all about. 14.5% alc. 

Press review:

The Wine Spectator: "Dense, with sink-your-teeth-into-them tannins and fleshy notes of spiced plum and wild blackberry. Tobacco, espresso and nutmeg details add aromatic interest, but the focus and purity of the fruit flavors is most powerful on the long finish. Drink now through 2029." 92 points

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