Rosa Bosco 'Boscorosso', Friuli, Italy 2010

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Rosa Bosco 'Boscorosso', Friuli, Italy 2010

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We were interested to hear a sommelier at one of London's top restaurants telling us recently that she doesn't put a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or an Argentine Malbec on her wine list, because people will gravitate towards them as the safe option, so, by omitting them, it forces people to explore other areas and make exciting new discoveries. It chimed with us, because we don't have a Saint-Emilion or a Pomerol on our list for the very same reason. Neither do we have a Blush Zinfandel, but that's because it tastes like bin juice.

Here is a fantastic recommendation if you do like a ripe Pomerol. It's a pure Merlot from Friuli in north-eastern Italy made by one of the region's star winemakers, Rosa Bosco. Friuli has an affinity with the two principal grape varieties of Bordeaux's Right Bank (Merlot and Cabernet Franc), which develop real aromatic panache here, in the foothills of the Alps, where they achieve an almost opulent ripeness, while retaining bright acidity and lifted aromas thanks to the fluctuation between very warm days and very cold nights. Try to imagine a late-harvested Petrus, but shave 90% off the price and "ta da", you have Boscorosso 2010!

As it enters its seventh year, it is perfectly mature for drinking now, with flavours of rich cassis, mulchy plum, cherry and dark chocolate. You may have switched off at the word 'mulchy', but that's a note we pick up in Merlot when, as it starts to mature and reminds us of wet autumn leaves and churned soil. It's not a leading flavour, nor would one want it to be, but it tells us that a wine is stepping into its drinking window, which this most certainly is. 14.5% alc. Drink now-2022.

Customer comments:

"We are just drinking this fabulous wine - how can we order a case pls?!" - Ms. S.M.

"You don't need a Pomerol on your list if you have the Boscorosso. Maybe it's just me but I love the dryness that was still there 48 hours after first tasting it." - Mr T.M.

"Fantastic recommendation. Only one word to describe this wine ; splendido!" - Mr. A.I.

"The Bosco was very good". -  Mr. B.A.

"The Boscorosso 2010 has been a big hit in our household, so if you have any stocks remaining, I would happily take another 6 bottles of those." - Mr G.W.

"I opened the first of the Boscorosso last night - I see exactly what you mean. That first fruit but with dry tannins to balance, really lovely. I have a glass or two left in the bottle - I will see what it's like tonight." - Mr A.L.

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