Vins i Llegendes, Celler Ronadelles, Priorat, Spain 2012

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Vins i LLegendes Cellar Ronadelles.jpg

Vins i Llegendes, Celler Ronadelles, Priorat, Spain 2012

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If you've ever been to Priorat, you will appreciate the work that goes into constructing the terraces that follow the contours of the hills. They bring the landscape to life, turning the sides of the valleys into a three dimensional version of an ordinance survey map (see photo below). It also makes you accept the premium that is placed on the wines that come from these spectacular terraces. Wait! What!? Yes, it's true that those terraces are labour-intensive and costly in terms of materials, but a wine doesn't taste better because the vines grow on a terrace any more than if they grew on a patio or a veranda. It's a practical necessity that also happens to have an aesthetic appeal, but it doesn't improve the taste of the wine (we await a furious letter from a Priorat winemaker telling us the opposite).

The grapes for this brilliant wine come from Garnacha and Cinsault vines that grow on the famous licorella (black slate) soil of Priorat, but all the money is spent on viticulture and winemaking, not fancy terraces, so this is a truly scrumptious Priorat, but at a working man's price. It's seriously good value.

Deep crimson in colour, the nose is sweetly perfumed, evoking a handful of inky black fruits with the ripe juice staining your fingers. It's amazing how it blossoms once in the mouth, with intense shiny blackcurrants and blueberries, underpinned by a sense of crushed rocks and wet slate, lifted by fresh orange acidity. It’s full-bodied, but wonderfully fresh and polished, so it tastes ‘glossy’ and full of vitality. That’s my idea of a great wine - packed with flavour, but still mouthwateringly juicy and intriguingly complex. There's no point listing further fruit flavours because it doesn't convey the sheer joy that this wine brings. It would be far better describing the smile that it puts on your face. Highly recommended! 14% alc. Drink now-2020.

N.B. The wine is produced according to biodynamic farming and winemaking practices, so it’s as pure as it can be.

Customer comments:

"Loved it!" - Mr. B.A., February 2017

"That is an excellent wine!" - Mr. I.W., February 2017

"It's really excellent. You might well be getting an order for some more very soon..." - Mr. D.M., January 2017

I was hugely impressed by this wine. It's delicious and one of the best Spanish reds I've had! I can't wait to open my next bottle." - Mrs G.S., Jan 2017

"As a complete side I loved the Priorat." - Mr J.D., November 2016

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