♥ Sensational hand-crafted Shiraz sourced from 100 year old vines
♥ Only 500 cases produced – you won’t find this on the high street
♥ The stand-out Shiraz at the annual South Australia Tasting

Mad Dog Shiraz, Barossa Valley 2013
This is the embodiment of our wine philosophy in a liquid nutshell. Appalling mixed metaphors notwithstanding, it delivers everything we hope to find in a new wine. It’s like going on a blind date and finding that the other person plays the cello, speaks 3 languages, has a pied à terre in Paris and volunteers for Amnesty International when they’re not doing the Six Peaks Challenge.

What’s so great about it?
It’s a small-batch Shiraz made by a fourth generation grape-growing family, who recently decided to hold back the fruit from their very best vines, some of which were planted over 100 years ago, to make their own wine instead of selling off the cream of their crop to benefit the wines of the more famous producers in the region (we can’t say who, but they are big names!). 

We picked it out from a cast of hundreds at the recent South Australia Tasting, which included Henschke, d’Arenberg, Penfolds, Glaetzer, Rockford and many others, as the one that truly punched above its weight when matched against its peers. 

And if that’s not enough to instil confidence, the guy who makes it is called Mad Dog Munzberg. What more can you ask for! We’re quite happy for our claret to be made by Vicomte Etienne de la Friperie, but when it comes to Shiraz, it needs to be made by a guy with hands like a rodeo glove and a name that scares away crows.

With an annual production of just 500 cases (to put that into perspective, it’s about a third of the production of DRC’s La Tâche), you’re not going to find this wine on the high street. Rarity doesn’t guarantee quality, but you have our assurance, having tasted every great Australian Shiraz that there is to be tasted, that it is incongruously good value. It could, and probably should, sell for over £30 a bottle.

Each year, Mad Dog selects the best parcels of fruit from his oldest vines, which are then vinified traditionally before maturing in high quality French oak for 12 months before release.

Our Tasting Note: “Not that long ago, if you were looking for an Australian Shiraz in your local supermarket, you’d have had to leave the wine aisle and wander over to the aisle marked ‘Jams and Preserves’. Times have changed and the top Australian wines show much finer line and length, the difference between an E-Type Jaguar and a pimped up Cortina. Lower yields and earlier picking times have combined to ensure that the essence of a great Australian Shiraz isn’t lost (lavish, hedonistic fruit that floods your senses), but bodyweight has been replaced by fruit intensity and overripeness has been replaced by the vibrancy of tangier grapes. If ever there were a case in point, it is this magnificent beast, the brilliantly-named Mad Dog Shiraz 2013. 

Customer Comments:

"Definitely one of my favoured reds" - Mr B. W.

"Off the charts good!" - Mr. C.H.

"All that I hope for in a Shiraz, but rarely seem to get." - Mr T.D.  (about the previous vintage)

"It was outstanding!” – Mr. W. T. (about the previous vintage)

"I did not know Shiraz of this quality existed!....Mad Dog. Thank you it is just delicious!" - Mr. P.J. (about the previous vintage)