Bourgogne Chardonnay, Decelle-Villa, Burgundy, France 2016

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Bourgogne Chardonnay, Decelle-Villa, Burgundy, France 2016

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A domaine’s Bourgogne Blanc is their calling-card and should be like an Indian restaurant’s poppadum. Not in flavour, of course, but in the way that it should make an early statement about the intent and the care that goes into every aspect of what they produce. If you get a stale poppadum, it usually follows that the food isn’t great either. This is one quality poppadum!

The fruit glistens on the palate, with a shimmering purity that you only find in cool climate Chardonnays. The incisive citrus flavours are counterpoised by fruits with a sweeter nectar, like peach and apricot, laced with notes of brioche, hazelnut and crème fraiche. A beautiful white Burgundy that is ready to drink, but will keep for 4-5 years. All hand-picked fruit. No battonage. Natural yeasts. 12 months in oak, of which 25% was new. 

The grapes are sourced from three named vineyards (‘lieux dits’) within Puligny-Montrachet, namely ‘Les Femelottes’, ‘Le Pré de la Dame’ and ‘Les Bluses’, which lie adjacent to Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet. The reason why it goes under the humble ‘Bourgogne Blanc’ appellation is simply because they include a tiny parcel of grapes sourced from a vineyard in Savigny-Les-Beaune, which means they aren’t allowed to use the higher designation. Commercially-speaking, it’s a ridiculous decision, because if they omitted those Savigny grapes, they could call it a Puligny-Montrachet and charge £38 a bottle for it, but they take enormous pride in making a great Bourgogne Blanc, because it’s their calling card, the gateway bottle that encourages you to explore the rest of the range.

Customer comments (about the previous vintage we sold, the 2014):

"My head is almost permanently bent back at a right angle to speed consumption of this. I drew the line at using a funnel. Whilst in company." Mr. S.H.

"I just wanted to let you know that we drank the first of the Decelle-Villa at the weekend. It's everything you said about it - a really staggering wine. Depth of flavour, body and freshness - all at the same time. Beautifully balanced." - Mr R.A.

"You know that Bourgogne Blanc I bought? Have you got any left? We've just opened the first one... OMG Delicious!!! To find a Chardonnay that my wife really likes is a major triumph." - Mr. C.F.

"This Decelle-Villa is outrageously good. Can I have another 12?" - Mr N.R. 

"It's such a fantastic find. What a steal!" - Mr. N.R.

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Farming: biodynamic