Chablis 'L'Humeur du Temps', Alice and Olivier De Moor 2015

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Chablis De Moor L'Humeur du Temps.jpg
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Chablis 'L'Humeur du Temps', Alice and Olivier De Moor 2015


"I don't like wines that are too acidic" is a statement we hear with metronomic regularity, but it's a bit of a semantic snowflake. If it's too acidic, you've already judged it to be unfavourable by use of the word 'too'. Without any qualification, however, the subsequent adjective becomes entirely arbitrary. The person might as well have said "I don't like wines that are too poignant" or "too fluffy" or "too likeable." I mean, I don't like luggage that's too heavy or headaches that are too painful, but there's no useful insight for the listener unless I specify the criteria, so I might just as well be saying "I don't like things that exceed my as-yet unspecified point of tolerance." It's odd, but I've noticed that I don't get invited to parties anymore.

Some people might find this wine too acidic, it has a PH value of 2.6, but we love the way that sharpness cuts through the crystalline fruit giving a really tense and thrilling experience. Succulence arrives in the shape of quince and clementine, embittered by grapefruit and kumquat and given a mineral dusting with impressions of gypsum and chalk. This is Chablis at its most thrilling and incisive, wonderfully concentrated yet buoyant and lifted. Drink now-2025.

Chardonnay from 3 separate parcels around the village of Courgis. Long alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in barrel. Aged 11 months in neutral oak. Tiny addition of sulphur dioxide only at the time of bottling. No fining, no filtration or cold stabilisation.

Press reviews:

"One of my favourite Chablis." - Jamie Goode

Absolutely minuscule quantities. Max 2 bottles per order, sorry!

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