Dancho Luka Sauvignon Semillon, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2016

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Dancho Luka Sauvignon Semillon, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2016

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Dancho Luka is a brand new name on the wine scene and it's a very good one. Not the name, the wine. The name takes a while to embed in your consciousness. Like the first time you heard initially-unfamiliar, now-familiar names like Gwyneth Paltrow or Jared Leto. When you recommend this wine to your friends (it's brilliant, you will) you might struggle at first to remember if it's Lancho Duka or Jared Luka or Dancho Paltrow. It's Dancho Luka. Named after the two bright minds involved in its creation, grape grower Danie (Dancho) Carinus and winemaker Lukas (Luka) Van Loggerenberg. Ta da! Dancho Luka.

As soon as we tasted it, our eyebrows shot halfway up our foreheads. As soon as we saw the price they disappeared into our brow. Folks, this is an absolute steal! A distinctly sophisticated blend of barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that could easily be mistaken for a serious white Bordeaux.

The nose is aromatic, but beautifully controlled, a tight spectrum of lemon cream, gooseberry fool, grapefruit and lime pith, with just a hint of cut grass coming through from the Semillon and some gentle cedar notes from the effects of not just ageing, but fermenting in barrel, which integrates the flavours more harmoniously. The palate is rich in green fruits, but the impression is soft not angular, as can be the case with early-harvested grapes. That's a tribute to the quality of the site, the 4 days of skin contact before pressing, the well-judged elevage (10 months) and the skilful blending (equal parts Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon).

Considering the reputation of its winemaker (Lukas Van Loggerenberg is the name in South African wine at the moment), the limited production (only 800 bottles) and the intricate production methods, it's almost embarrassingly cheap. Remember the name, Dancho Luka. You heard it here first. 12.5% alc. Wax seal. No fining. Drink now-2022.


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"Just opened our first bottle, delicious" - Mr. I.K.  

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