Le Vendangeur Masqué 'Melting Potes', Vin de France 2016

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Melting Potes.jpg

Le Vendangeur Masqué 'Melting Potes', Vin de France 2016


We only have a few bottles of this fascinating wine. It was made by Alice and Olivier de Moor, hugely respected winemakers based in Chablis, but who lost almost their entire crop in 2016, initially to frost and finally to hail (a winter version of going from the frying pan into the fire). Their friends in the south, unaffected by nature's caprices, heard about their predicament and offered them grapes from their vineyards, so that they could produce a vintage and have some income from 2016.

Here is the blend and the roll of honour of their helpful mates (or 'potes' as they are called in France, hence the name of this wine).

4% Clairette from Pierre Pradel’s Domaine du Jas in Suze La Rousse (Drôme)
24% Clairette from  Emile Hérédia’s Domaine des Dimanches in Aspiran (Hérault)
24% Grenache Blanc from Emile Hérédia’s Domaine des Dimanches in Aspiran (Hérault)
48% Viognier from  Gérald Oustric’s Domaine du Mazel in Valvignères (Ardèche)

What does it taste like? We have no idea! We were offered 12 bottles, so we took them on trust. Opening a bottle just to make a tasting note would have been an economic folly. All we can tell you is how it was made:

Manual  harvest (all the vineyards were either 'organic' or 'sustainable'). Wild yeast fermentation, mostly in used 25hl oak foudres, but with a small part being fermented in vat. No temperature control. 5 months ageing with the malolactic fermentation taking place in barrel. No filtration, and no fining. Just a small addition (30 mg/litre) of sulphur at blending and at bottling. 


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