Noveltea, The Tale of Earl Grey (70cl)

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Noveltea The Tale of Earl Grey - Earl Grey Tea with Gin.jpg

Noveltea, The Tale of Earl Grey (70cl)


Noveltea - Earl Grey Tea with Gin 11%
Cold-brewed Earl Grey tea with British Gin

‘The Tale of Earl Grey’ takes customers back aboard Britain’s merchant ships, where Sir Charles Grey combined Keemum black tea with Sicilian bergamot oil to create the distinctive Earl Grey flavour, forever transforming British tea culture… a transformation continuing to this day with the addition of a classic British Gin.

Slightly spicy, a little bit floral and with just a hint of citrus, Earl Grey’s delicate flavour is perfectly complemented by our traditional British gin, producing a drink that is both refreshing and full of character.

Best served (125ml) over a couple of ice cubes in a nice tumbler or warmed up in the saucepan and then served in a tea cup. Perfect with a half slice of orange. Also great in a number of cocktail creations.

Press reviews:

Jancis Robinson: “Earl Grey tea and gin. On the back label: 'Upon its return from Asia, a ship of British merchants became trapped in a violent storm. Chests of black tea crashed into oak casks filled with Sicilian bergamot oil. Believing in this novel tea blend, Sir Charles Grey transformed British tea culture.' Their perfect serve is 125 ml over ice with a slice of orange. As an extra to the 'tale', Vincent told me that in the 18th century, women drank Earl Grey tea with gin because the gin was too rough to drink. It was called the Moseley Tea Serve.

Smells entirely, and delicately, of Earl Grey tea. Slightly spicy, slightly citrus, a little floral. Gossamer-fine tea tannins – silk-stocking texture – and just a hint of sweetness, as if they've dipped the tip of a teaspoon in sugar and mixed it in the glass. There's a tiny bit of Earl Grey smokiness and that citrus peel fragrance and bitterness that is so uniquely bergamot. And just at the back, a spring-petal note that reminds me of hawthorn. If anything is missing, it's the gin. I'm struggling to find the juniper. I'm missing the botanical edge and bitterness and pine-soaked bite of juniper. But the alcohol is so elegantly restrained that you could very easily forget you're drinking an alcoholic beverage. The balance is so perfect that I almost find myself looking for that little warning burn. But if you gave me the option of having this or Prosecco with my cucumber sandwiches and petits fours, I'd opt for this in a heartbeat.” Drink now-2019. 11% alc.

What Noveltea say:

In Britain, we love our tea, and we love our spirits. It seemed absurd that we couldn’t enjoy them both at the same time… so NOVELTEA set out to change that, embarking on a global journey of discovery to find the most perfect tea / spirit pairings out there.

Blending the highest quality loose leaf teas (cold-brewed to extract a fuller, more rounded flavour) with a range of expertly crafted spirits, our ‘Tales’ build on Britain’s history of culinary innovation to deliver a ‘Tea with Spirit’.

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