Noveltea, The Tale of Tangier (70cl)

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Noveltea, The Tale of Tangier (70cl)


Noveltea - Green Mint Tea with Rum 11%
Cold-brewed Morrocan green mint tea with white Caribbean Rum.

‘The Tale of Tangier’ transports customers to the heart of the Sahara; guided only by the blistering sun, the scent of sweet green mint tea heralds approaching Moroccan markets. Infused with white rum, The Tale of Tangier was born, evoking the warmth and generosity of Morocco.

The famously sweet yet fresh Moroccan green mint tea, with just a hint of apple, works fantastically alongside the exotic notes of white rum, offering a soft yet satisfying sweetness.

Best served (125ml) over a couple of ice cubes in a nice tumbler or warmed up in the saucepan and then served in a tea cup. Perfect with some fresh mint leaves. Also great in a number of cocktail creations.

Press review:

Jancis Robinson: “Moroccan green mint tea with spiced rum. A blend of green Chinese Gunpowder tea, dried mint, dried apple, dried lemongrass and further botanicals. On the back label: 'Guided by the position of the blistering sun, Arabian merchants trailed through the endless dunes of the Sahara. With green tea on their camels' backs, the convoy finally reached Tangier and was welcomed by locals with aromatic mint leaves – an expression of true Moroccan generosity.' Perfect serve, as with The Tale of Earl Grey, is 125 ml over ice, but Vincent recommends serving this with a muddle of mint leaves.

Paler than The Tale of Earl Grey, but still a beautiful pale amber colour. At first, all you can smell is the mint. It fills the air, fills your nose, fills your head. Then orange. The smell of evening in an orange orchard – a smell I've only experienced once, in Rome. It's sun and hot earth and orange-skin oils glistening on skin at the end of a baking day, and orange tree leaves green and strong. The green tea is much more delicate and you can just, barely, pick it up on the palate. It has just a glimpse of that herbal-bitter note of green tea, a trail of smoke, and the tannins are kohl-pencil smudged on the tongue. The rum gives a tiny, almost imperceptible warmth and spice at the back of the throat, but as with the Tale of Earl Grey, this is really about the tea.” 11% alc. Drink now-2019.

What Noveltea say:

In Britain, we love our tea, and we love our spirits. It seemed absurd that we couldn’t enjoy them both at the same time… so NOVELTEA set out to change that, embarking on a global journey of discovery to find the most perfect tea / spirit pairings out there.

Blending the highest quality loose leaf teas (cold-brewed to extract a fuller, more rounded flavour) with a range of expertly crafted spirits, our ‘Tales’ build on Britain’s history of culinary innovation to deliver a ‘Tea with Spirit’.

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