Wine consultancy!? Is management so saturated with consultants now that those without work are having to look elsewhere? Is it only a matter of time before we find ourselves at a dinner party seated next to a gravy consultant? In its barest form, stripped of all smoke and mirrors, 'consulting' simply means offering professional advice and expertise and that is all we aim to do for anyone needing help with any one or more of the following:

- private cellar plans    We can help with rationalising an existing wine cellar, help create a bespoke cellar or a combination of the two. In our experience, far too many people with extensive or even medium-sized wine cellars find that they can't keep track of what do drink when and many of their wines 'fall off the cliff' before they have a chance to enjoy them in their prime. We can help build a new wine collection from scratch, which will evolve at a pace that suits you, or put an existing collection in a logical order with new additions where required and drinking windows that are tailored to your personal tastes.

- wine lists   The 'gastro revolution' shows no sign of abating and restaurant menus are falling over themselves in a bid to advertise the quality of their food, from the provenance of the ingredients to the new-fangled culinary contraption used in its preparation. Wine lists are trying to keep up with the pace, but many are lagging behind like dim-witted country cousins. We will put together a wine list that shows that your restaurant cares as much about its wines as it does about the type of heritage cucumbers used in the sauce gribiche.

corporate wine tastings    We are proud of the wines we sell and love nothing more than to share our enthusiasm with anyone willing to listen. We will come to your workplace or a suitable alternative venue and present a selection of wines to you and your colleagues, either for the sheer fun of it, or as a ‘team-building exercise’ if a pretext is required. A competitive element, such as blind-tasting, can be included if desired. Fees begin at £400 plus the cost of the wine.