Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 'Indio', Cantine Bove, Italy 2012

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Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 'Indio', Cantine Bove, Italy 2012

from 14.95

"A lot of delivery for the price. " - Jancis Robinson

The problem with a wine list such as ours, is that you, dear reader, only ever read about the highs, so you must think we are in a permanent state of euphoric fervour. Well, as Lord Byron said, “there is no such thing as a life of passion any more than a continuous earthquake, or an eternal fever. Besides, who would ever shave themselves in such a state?” Secondly, we only show you the wheat, never the chaff. In recommending this wine, for example, we don’t talk about the 300 other wines that we tasted on the same day. So, please forgive us as we line up the superlatives once again, but this is simply the best value Italian wine we have ever tasted and the price makes a mockery of the quality.

It’s the colour of blackcurrant cordial, deep, healthy and visually reassuring, with an almost glass-coating viscosity. A dark, sumptuous beauty; unapologetically flamboyant; utterly seductive. It’s Montepulciano, but unlike any we have ever had before. As soon as the aromas make contact, you sense your body unclenching, because you know you are onto a winner. A satisfied sigh will involuntarily follow. It delivers a beaker full of the warm south, swirling with luscious dark fruits, vanilla pod, plum skins, raisins, shiny leather and wood polish. There then follows a big, plush, velvety mouthful of succulent blackberries, black ink, spiced damsons and some seriously fine oak giving it chocolate and vanilla notes, and finally a squeeze of orange juice to give it flight and lift. This is a stunning wine for £13.95, as hedonistic as it is serious. 14% alc. Drink now to 2022. (It’s also worth mentioning, that it comes in a high quality, numbered bottle, so it’s stylishly packaged for the price too).

Press review:

Jancis (Tamlyn Currin): "Animal-fur nose, briefly, then more boldly, medicinal, cherry cough mixture and herbs. On the palate, brightness and freshness despite gloriously plush, sumptuous fruit. A strong herbal line, drawing something more woody (old, polished floorboards) in its wake. Underneath, a suggestion of dried plums. Amaretto notes on the finish. Big tannins. A lot of delivery for the price. Drink now-2020." 16.5 points

Customer comments:

"We enjoyed a bottle last night, it is fantastic." - Mr. I.S

"I had a bottle at the weekend it was lovely. Great recommendation!" - Mr. R.G.

"Very nice. And bang on my price point. More like this please..." - Mr. J. C.

"I have opened a bottle and it was very good, certainly excellent value for money – and the wife liked it too! Will pass the word around to my friends." - Mr. M.G.

Do you any more of the Montepulciano 2011 left? I opened a bottle for some of my wine friends yesterday and they loved it. I decanted it overnight and it really improved it." - Mr. B.W.

"I have already had the Montepulciano which was worthy of your email – delicious and just what I like" - Mr A.M.

"Lovely wine!" - Mr S.D.

"It was fantastic and great value at that price." - Mr J. B.

"It's as sumptuous as I'd hoped!" - Mr. G.D.

"Very very moreish - dangerous - Slipped down far too easily" - Mr. G.C.

"The Montepulciano is incredible, probably my favourite Italian wine - I was sad to give my second bottle to a friend for his birthday, but at least it was appreciated. He put it against another Italian priced at £45 (I'm not sure what) in a blind tasting and it won 6-1 and I wasn't at all surprised. It would be embarrassing not to order more!" - Mr. S.F.

"Very good!" - Mr. S.P.

The Montepulciano d’Abruzzo was excellent." - Mr P.C.

"Just cracked open a bottle of the Montepulciano and it is super!" - Mrs N.P.

The Montepulciano you strongly recommended last time is brilliant - I think i will make a habit of taking up your recommendations!" - Mr. H.A.

This is a gorgeous wine. Amazing for the price." - Mrs J.T.

This has become my favourite red wine." - Mr. S.S.

I was absolutely bowled over by the amount of fruit in a wine where I least expected it." - Mr. T.M.

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