Saperavi Patritti, Barossa Valley, Australia 2014

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Saperavi Patritti.jpg

Saperavi Patritti, Barossa Valley, Australia 2014


"Sheer splendour" - Jancis

“One of the best Saperavi I have ever tasted” - Dan Traucki, Director of Wine Assist

I should begin with a confession. I am writing this while taking a performance-enhancing stimulant. It’s called ‘wine’ and tests have shown that it can dramatically improve self-confidence, creativity and imagination, so I felt it was only appropriate to declare this from the outset. But it gets worse.

The specific brand of wine that I am self-medicating with right now is the very same one that I am asking you to buy, but trust me, it’s amazing gear. It’s called Saperavi and it was produced by an Australian company in the Barossa Valley. I’ve taken part in many clinical trials of a similar nature over the years and I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting that I have ever been involved with and I strongly advocate its benefits. Let me take another dose just to make sure. Yes, it really is exceptionally good. And guess what, it’s legal!

The active component is Saperavi, an ancient grape variety from Georgia, a country that has been producing wine for over 8,000 years and in that time, Saperavi has emerged as its preeminent grape variety. That’s pretty solid empirical evidence in anyone’s book. It produces richly concentrated wines thanks not only to its dark, thick skins, but also to the fact that the flesh itself is a deep pink colour (the word ‘saperavi’ means to dye or stain), so it’s what is known as a teinturier grape. It’s no wonder, then, that it has such an affinity with the Barossa Valley, where the warm, continental climate brings the berries to full phenolic ripeness. Hats off to the ingenious winemaker, who brought cuttings from Georgia to the Barossa Valley about 25 years ago, because it’s an experiment that has hit the jackpot. Excuse me a moment, I just want to see how it’s developing. Woah! It’s getting even more intense.

So, here comes my big, bold, punchy statement. I have tasted this alongside some of the very best wines from Australia, including Penfolds Grange 2008 (one of the great vintages and 100 points from The Wine Advocate), Torbreck’s Run Rig, Chris Ringland’s Greenock Shiraz, Kalleske’s Johann Shiraz and John Duval’s Eligo, and it properly stacked up. It wasn’t like an FA Cup game where a plucky second division team holds a Premier League side to a nil-nil draw at half time before capitulating in the second half. This held its own right up to the final whistle. It’s an outstanding wine. Deep and inky in colour, as you would expect, with the most astonishing, forthcoming aromas of undiluted blackcurrant cordial, black cherries, vanilla and roasted cocoa beans, but it’s the cassis that really dominates. The palate is lush, with deep, shag pile tannins that are so sweet and fruit-soaked that it tastes full-bodied but also soft and succulent, so you can enjoy it now as a hedonistic treat or you can keep it for 10, 15 maybe 20 years, who knows. It’s certainly not going to fade away quickly. Let me administer one last measure just to confirm my earlier impressions. Heh heh. S’vey good. Vey vey good! Can I tell you a secret? Shhhh. I'm a little teapot. No thass not it. Daddy never came to my ball games. I need a lie-down. 

Press reviews:

Jancis (Richard Hemming MW): "Rich, chocolatey nose with lots of baked fruit – every bit the Barossa fruit-bomb. Impressive richness and layering on the palate with excellent length – this variety seems to suit the rich, fruit-driven style. 14.5%. Drink 2017-2023" 17 Points

Wine Business Magazine: “The pre-release 2014 and 2015 vintages are amazing wines. They have masses of deep, dense colour that is almost black, attractive earthy, beetroot aromas and uber-tight, restrained flavours that tantalise the palate with what will be when these wines are mature enough to open up and truly blossom. I think they will be world-class wines easily outshining the 2011 vintage, which won a gold medal in the Royal Sydney Wine Show a few years ago.”

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