Pignoletto Frizzante, Romandiola, Emilia Romagna 2017/2018

Pignoletto Frizzante Romandiola.jpg
Pignoletto Frizzante Romandiola.jpg

Pignoletto Frizzante, Romandiola, Emilia Romagna 2017/2018


Pignoletto is a grape variety that is exclusively found in the hills above Bologna, as you had south-east towards Imola, and it produces a zippy and refreshing semi-sparkling wine of the same name that has ‘summetime’ written all over it. If you haven’t heard of it before, please don’t beat yourself up, because it only achieved appellation status 2 years ago, having been consumed locally for years before word spread and national, not to mention international interest was piqued.
Whereas Prosecco often has a slightly ‘soapy’ softness, Pignoletto has a crunchy, white-fleshed fruit profile, which really brightens the palate and makes it the perfect filip for the dog days of July and August.

In terms of dryness, it sits somewhere between Brut and Extra Dry (we like to call it 'softly dry') and is packed with lime, lemon and jasmine notes as well as an 'on trend' impression of stony soil or marble chippings. 

This delicious Pignoletto, made by Romandiola, has a tight white mousse and an appetite whetting freshness that makes it the perfect aperitif to be enjoyed in the sunshine with soft grass under your feet. 11.5% alc. Drink it now. (That's an order not a drinking window).

Customer comments:

"The Pignoletto went down a storm! Lots of people commented on how delicious it was - so it was a great choice!" - Ms. A.P.

"It was delicious! We drank more than anticipated so no doubt you will hear from me again soon!" - Ms. V.B.

"The Pignoletto was also really nice!" - Mr A.M.


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