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"I am very impressed with your offering. All your wines have been interesting and very much up from the Wine Society. I think that you and Yapps will be my only suppliers going forward for my requirements (modest as they are!)." - Mr A.T.

"You have 100% hit rate with your recommendations as far as I’m concerned!” - Mr. C.F.

Every wine I’ve had from you so far has been superb" - Mr. S.T.

"Congratulations for the Decanter award, very much deserved, your portfolio is superb." - Mr. N.J.

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"It was a great day! Such an eye-opener to wines I never would have thought twice about before." - Miss P.du P. (about one of our wine tastings)

"Thank you for a most enjoyable evening tasting some excellent wines." - Mr. P.B. (about one of our wine tastings)