Montagny 1er Cru Bonneveaux Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 2016

Montagny 1er Cru Bonneveaux Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 2016.jpg
Montagny 1er Cru Bonneveaux Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 2016.jpg

Montagny 1er Cru Bonneveaux Olivier Leflaive, Burgundy 2016

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We love white Burgundy. We love the intricacies and fine details in its aromas. We love the interplay on the palate between the insistent, almost urgent Chardonnay fruit and the artful use of oak, borne of centuries of tradition and empirical tinkering. We love the way that great white Burgundy is stripped back to the bare essentials necessary for expressing the time and place in which it was made. It recalls the story about the Chinese sculptor, who presented a magnificent marble elephant to the Emperor. When asked how he did it, he replied “I started with a block of stone and just chipped away at everything that wasn’t elephant.” That’s what a great winemaker should do, albeit with Chardonnay not stone.

This Montagny should be given to every student studying Burgundy. You can practically taste the postcode! There’s a precision to the aromas, which leave you in no doubt as to its origins. It’s like drinking a GPS coordinate that transports you directly to the vineyard. This is classic white Burgundy with the perfect balance between struck flint authenticity and comforting notes of lemon syllabub, crème fraiche and toasted nuts. The palate is sleek and racy, but with terrific underlying richness and lambency. If you will allow a quick flight of fancy, it tastes like you are drinking winter-sharpened sunshine. The dashing citrus flavours are balanced by the most perfectly-judged use of oak, which adds savoury, toasty complexity. Try it with Dover sole in caper butter sauce, seared scallops with pea puree or just a classic roast chicken. For cheeses, Olivier recommends it with Emmental, Comté and goat’s cheese. It’s a wine to enjoy over the next 4 or 5 years, so drink from now until 2023. 13% alc.

Customer comments (including previous vintage):

"This was absolutely delicious!!!" - Mr. J.P.

"Delicious!" - Ms. S.M.

"I enjoyed the Montagny" - Mrs H.C. (previous vintage)

"The Oliver Leflaive is fantastic value. I drink a lot of Burgundy but hadn't had anything from Montagny. Superb value." - Mr P.N.  (previous vintage)

"Wonderful wine!" - Mr T.M.  (previous vintage)

"Last night we tried a bottle of the Montagny you sent us. Excellent. Lived up to its billing." - Mr D.M.  (previous vintage)"Excellent wine! ...extremely nice – good value. We opened a couple of bottles with friends and drank them over two days and, actually, I think it was even better on the second day. So, thank you for your recommendation." Mr N.F.  (previous vintage)

"My reason for asking about the Montagny was to ask if you had any more?  It was delicious!" - Mr. O.F.  (previous vintage)

"It was great thank you, I did really enjoy it." - Mr. Z.M.  (previous vintage)

"The wine certainly lived up to expectations, delicious, and seems to have disappeared completely!" - Mr. S.B.  (previous vintage)

"Could we please order a case of this? We love it...!" - Ms. S.M. (previous vintage)

 "We loved the wine by the way, well done” - Mrs R.J.  (previous vintage)

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