‘Rosso Dorigo’ Vino da Tavola Rosso Da Uve Passite, Friuli, Italy NV

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‘Rosso Dorigo’ Vino da Tavola Rosso Da Uve Passite, Friuli, Italy NV



“I'd take this over Amarone any day” - Jancis Robinson.com

If you like everything about Amarone apart from the price, then you really ought to buy this wine. I don't mean bookmark this page, or 'like' it on Twitter, or 'pin' it on Woopsie, I mean buy it right now, because it's fantastic and we don't have very much.

You should have seen our face when our shipment arrived from Italy and we checked a bottle to make sure it was as good as we had remembered. It was a look of crestfallen disappointment... because we were sad we hadn't ordered more! Ha! Got you! You weren't expecting that, were you? I'll show myself out.

It's a glorious mouthful of richly upholstered fruit and easily as good as a top notch Amarone, so at £16.95 it's an absolute steal. Like Amarone, it is made from air-dried grapes (the uve appassite in the name refers to that process), but it is made further east in Friuli from the Refosco grape, not in Veneto from Corvina. The reason that it is designated as a humble 'table wine' (vino da tavola) with no vintage allowed on the label is simply due to Friuli DOC stipulations regarding residual sugar content. Sorry, did you nod off there for a moment? Anyway, if this wine had been made to the west in Veneto, from Venetian varieties, it would almost certainly qualify as an Amarone DOC. You can wake up now.

The colour is a deep, gothic crimson and the flavours are big and bold, but it cleverly manages to feel sleek and focused. We had a bottle that was cool from the cellar and that temperature worked well, adding a brightness to the inky black fruits, but as it warmed up it became even more expressive, bringing out chocolate, mace, orange and violet notes. 14.5% alc. Drink now-2022. 

Press review:

Jancis Robinson (Tamlyn Currin): “Amarone style, made from sun-dried grapes, but not allowed to be Friuli DOC because of the higher-than-regulation residual sugar. Refosco. Quite a tapestry of orange zest and Christmas cake, cardamom and chilli pepper and mint. Wonderfully rich yet shot through with candied orange-peel brightness. Dense structure. Long and mouth-filling and broad and glorious. I'd take this over Amarone any day because at 14.5% it's not going to knock me sideways with one glass. Perfect aged-cheddar wine. Good Value. Drink 2018-2026.” 17 points

And for comic value, here is Google’s translation of Luca Maroni’s review: “Sensations: the distilling power of the sun, which the consistency of this wine has made of it purplish grape, mighty liquorice. A champion who reveals his majestic endowment to the touch, extractive with a touch of creamy and balsamic expressive power. A blackberry jam that a crystalline oak of elevation gives a vanilla-like and mentally glazed lustre caressing its stainless splendour. The oenological execution is clear, so that the fruit is effused in aroma as the first on plant: powerful and without any stain or alteration. “ 92 points

Customer comments:

We had dinner with friends, the wine was discussed, we had a bottle of Dorigo and a bottle which had cost in excess of £100. Everybody present agreed they preferred the Dorigo - enough said.” - Mr. I.K.   

"Very impressed with the Dorigo, James. Brought out the oohs and aaahs from our dinner party guests without any prompting."  - Mr. T.D. 

"Wow!" - Mr. M.W.

"Stunning for the price." - Mr B.A.

"Big fan of the Plane Turning Right and the Dorigo.  Yumbo!" - Mr D.C.

I did enjoy the Dorigo a lot!" - Mr. A.S.

"We had our first taste of the Dorigo Rosso last night and thought it was wonderful. Do you have any bottles left?" - Ms K.S.

"What a beautiful wine. I love it!" - Mrs J.H.

"Btw. Had the Dorigo yesterday. Wow that was nice." - Mrs M.E.

 "I don't suppose there's any of this left? I love it!" - Mr. B.F. 

"We really liked the Dorigo you recommended last time" - Mr J.B.

"The Dorigo is lovely." - Ms H.S.

"Any chance of you getting more Dorigo? Just drinking our last bottle. Really great!" - Mr J.C.

"Everyone really enjoyed the Dorigo, even my wife who 'doesn't like Italian wine'. Do you have any left?" - Mr. B.W.

"We were impressed! Can we have a case please?" - Mr P.J.

"It was sublime!!!" - Mr. D.L.

"We love it so much...please can we have a full case?" - Ms. A.B.

Just having a bottle - delicious, a great choice, thank you.” - Mr. A.F.

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