'The Test Drive' mixed case

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Mini Cooper car.jpg

'The Test Drive' mixed case


If you are thinking of looking under our bonnet and taking us out for a test drive, then these six wines should take you on an interesting journey. We think they give a good account of us and our endeavours to find delicious wines that punch above their weight. 


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A 12-bottle mixed case containing two bottles each of the following wines:

2 x Adega de Pegoes, Selected Harvest, Setubal, Portugal 2016 (white) 

2 x Savennieres 'La Croix Picot', Domaine Fournier Longchamps, Loire, France 2015 (white) 

2 x Bourgogne Chardonnay, Domaine Decelle-Villa, France 2014 (white)

2 x Pablito, Casa di Si, Vino Tinto, Spain 2014 (red)

2 x 12,000 Miles Pinot Noir, Gladstone Vineyards, Wairarapa, New Zealand 2014 (red)

2 x Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy 2012 (red)